What's included in the price?

Your magical LaplandUK experience begins when you deliver your child’s personalised invitation from Father Christmas asking for their help making toys in the Lapland Toy Factory. They’ll arrive in a beautiful presentation box, which we recommend you pop in the freezer for 30 minutes before you deliver it… icy cold, straight from Lapland!

How excited will your child be to receive their invitation?

THEN it will be time to visit Lapland and help the elves...

In the Enchanted Forest (near Ascot!) you'll be handed your Elf Passports and travel along the magical elven pathways, before you pass through the Magical Door, the same door which a long time ago the Toymaker and his wife Mary stepped through to start their new life with the elves, and forever more became known as Father, and Mother Christmas. 

The first 90 minutes of your experience is scripted and interactive, immersive theatre, including the all-important trip to the Toy Factory to help build toys. The children absolutely understand that the toys they are making are for Father Christmas to deliver on Christmas Eve to children around the world. Every child will receive the Toy Factory activity (We'll be secretly giving them to parents to leave under the tree on Christmas Eve). 

You'll also visit Mother Christmas' Kitchen - to listen to stories and help decorate the fresh batch of gingerbread! 

Later in your adventure you'll reach the Elven Village deep in the Lapland forests, where you can enjoy some ice-skating on the frozen pond, explore the Elf Emporium, say hello to the huskies as well as take time to refuel in Pumpernickel's restaurant. We highly recommend a trip to Pixie Mixie's sweetshop...! 

After 90 minutes in the Elven Village you will journey through the snowy forest, past the reindeer to visit Father Christmas for a personalised meeting. As a thank you for helping to save Christmas, each child will receive a gift of a beautiful husky dog from Father Christmas.

Don't forget that the adventure really ends on Christmas morning when your children find the toy they made in the Toy Factory under the tree complete with a note from Father Christmas thanking them for their help. 

An invitation to LaplandUK is so much more than just the four hours spent at our award-winning Ascot event! 

The price also includes free parking on site in Ascot.