Who are Superstar Days for?

Since 2011 we’ve been holding special Superstar days at LaplandUK for children and adults with additional needs...

The days were originally designed in conjunction with the staff of Demelza House children's hospices. The aim was to make the LaplandUK experience easier for those who might require extra time to fully enjoy the interactive parts of the day, and those who may find a large group of people problematic.

The simple ambition was for as many families as possible to be able to enjoy the magic of Christmas at LaplandUK!

We don't say who is, and who isn't eligible for these days. Since they were launched they've been used by victims of abuse, children who struggle in social settings, as well as those more normally labelled as requiring additional needs. If you feel like these days would be beneficial to you then you are invited to book a place. 

The days are subsidised by LaplandUK, and the run-times are adjusted to allow extra time for activities. 

For those with hearing impairments some Superstar tours feature BSL signers (10am and 4pm), and for our wheelchair users we remove furniture from several of the sets to allow greater access.

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