Do children keep Toy Factory Toy?

Due to overwhelming demand from parents, in 2019 we decided going forward EVERY CHILD should receive the toy built with the elves in the Toy Factory as part of their LaplandUK adventure.


However, please note the children will not take the toy away with them as they leave the Toy Factory (these toys are made for operational use only).

Instead, we will discreetly hand accompanying adults one toy per child when they collect their photograph with Father Christmas on exiting LaplandUK. The toy will be hidden from small eyes so you can take it home and hide until Christmas Eve thereby delighting your child on Christmas day when they discover Father Christmas has delivered them a special surprise- the toy they helped the elves make.


NB On the day of their visit children will also receive a special gift from Father Christmas to thank them for their help in the Toy Factory ( a soft husky toy rrp £25).